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New Supervisor Review Process for TITAN client

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New supervisor review process (Supervisors only):
1. Click on “Review” in between the “Inbox” and “Accepted”.
2. Click “View Pending List”; all pending reports that you have access to will appear. (you must be connected to the internet)
3. Click the box next to the report(s) you intend to approve and click “Get Report”. This will pull down the reports to your computer. You do not have to perform a Send/Receive.
4. Review the report(s) by double clicking on them and proceeding through the screens as usual to either Reject or Accept.
5. Finally, perform and Send/Receive to complete the process.
6. Additionally, after a report is pulled down it can be sent back to the pending list by checking the box by the report(s) and clicking “Return To Pending List”. This will allow another supervisor to access the report for review.