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Email Support Requests
- email support requests are reviewed each morning. The customer will receive helpdesk ticket information within 24 hours of the initial request. A technician will then be assigned and contact the customer in the next 8 business hours for support and issue resolution.
Phone Support Request - The TITAN Helpdesk is available from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (Central Time). When the helpdesk receives a call, the technician will request caller information such as name, agency and phone number.
  • During business hours, all calls are answered and the problem is immediately reviewed. If the problem can be resolved within 15 minutes, a ticket is generated, supplied to the customer and the issue is resolved immediately.
  • After business hours, all calls received after 4:30 pm Central Standard time will go to the Titan voice mail. Those voice mails will be retrieved the next business day and the customer will be contacted within 24 hours for resolution or progress on the issue.
TITAN Helpdesk: 1-866-468-4587
TITAN Support Email:
TITAN Support Downloads

TITAN User Request Form
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
TITAN Viewer

The purpose of the TITAN Viewer is to allow TITAN Help Desk personnel to remote into a user's system when they are having TITAN issues.  The user will download the TITAN Viewer.exe file from the website and run the file during a support call, which allows the help desk staff to gain access to the user's computer and resolve any TITAN software issues.

TITAN/Viewer Download Instructions

  1. Download the Team Viewer 10 executable file
  2. Save the file to the desktop.

TITAN/Viewer Operation Instructions

  1. When prompted by the TITAN Help Desk, double click the TITANViewer.exe icon.

  2. A warning message about virus detection may appear.  Click yes or run.

  3. The Titan Remote Support screen will display.

  4. Give the TITAN Help Desk the ID and password.
Windows 7 Titan update Must have administrator rights on target machine to install application.
  1. 4.8 Framework
  2. Windows 7 TLS 1.2 upgrade