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TITAN 2.0 Crash Submitter PPT
TITAN 2.0 Crash Reviewer PPT

Map-It Training Videos

Video 01 - Intersection
Video 02 - Not At An Intersection
Video 03 - Interstate
Video 04 - Overpass And Underpass
Video 05 - Not on Roadway And Roadway Not Available

Quick Capture Training Videos

Basic Navigation
Adding and Removing Units or People
Report Creation

eCrash Training Videos

Person-Level Incident Responder Field - (67 seconds)
Law Enforcement Training Video for Reporting Serious Injuries Using the MMUCC, 4th Edition Guideline

eCitation Guide

Additional TITAN Training
To register for a TITAN Training Session, visit the following site.

Crash Report Field Notes

The Department of Safety is planning to offer an additional regional training sessions (Dates and Location TBD).

Training for the collection of crash data involving commercial motor vehicles and some non-commercial motor vehicles is now available. These web-based materials are intended to be an educational resource for law enforcement officers. This resource defines and provides examples for FMCSA related crash data collected and reported to SAFETYNET.

Use the Link below to connect to the Commercial Vehicle Crash Data Collection Training.

Additional Resources

Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) Guideline (5th Edition-2017)
American National Standard ANSI D.16-2017 (8th Edition) Manual on Classification of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes