Resources: Roles & Responsibilities

Below lists those agencies and/or groups that are involved in the crash reporting process:

Tennessee Highway Patrol – Responsible for the following: the processing, storage and dissemination of traffic crash reports; the support of local agencies through their Districts; and answering public requests for crash information.

Tennessee Department of Transportation – Responsible for the analysis and review and plans for improvements to identified hazardous locations.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division – Responsible for collecting all qualifying commercial vehicle related crashes and passing required information on to the Federal SafetyNET system for recording and analysis.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies – Responsible for investigation of crash incidents and completion and submission of the required forms and/or data to THP for processing within 7 days of a crash. [55-10-108(b)]

Law Enforcement Liaisons– Responsible for communicating safety and enforcement related issues to the local agencies.